Year Formed


Lagerstein is a seven-piece drinking, rocking, pirating rock/folk/metal powerhouse hailing from the distant shores of Brisbane, Australia. Featuring The Majestic Beast's majestic shredding skills, Neil Rummy Rackers' tighter-than-a-virgin-tuna rhythmic walls, The Imobilzers thundering bass hangovers, Mother Junkst's cheap and rotten power synth, Ol' mate Dazzle on drunken drums topped with the mighty power of Ultralord's grog-fuelled cries - all at the helm of the mighty flying pirate ship!

Lagerstein formed in 2010 after a 12 Kings hangover and decided that there weren't enough drinking bands out there. Something had to be done! So here we are to show that we can perform epic, drinking, folk, pirate metal whilst drinking unfathomable amounts of whatever we can get our hands on through our trusty beer bongs.

Lagerstein first started out in early 2011, hitting all the usual places around Brisbane and near by cities, basically what ever shows they could get their hands on. Word quickly spread around about a band that would play cheesy pirate songs, whilst drinking what is surly enough alcohol to kill a small whale. More and more people started coming to shows, dressing up and just making a night out of going to see this band, then it dawned on us that we had created a cult following of beer guzzling ho down dancing pirates. 

As Lagerstein progressed to play more shows and get more fans, the next logical step would be to record an album. So in March 2012, the lads set off to see Mr Adam Merker at Studio Anderz Deberz, to record their first full length album 'Drink Til We Die'.

This saw Lagerstein on a short break from their previously full gig schedule, and this is where they really saw how crazy the fans had become. September 7th 2012, Lagerstein takes to the HiFi stage in Brisbane to headline an almost sold out show, walking out on stage and seeing everyone in costume chanting Lagerstein! Lagerstein! Lagerstein!
After doing several more shows in Brisbane, it was announced that Lagerstein would be going to Europe to share the stage with pirate brothers Alestorm and Ex-Deo. 

March 2013 see Lagerstein off to Europe to play shows in France, Italy, Spain, Hungry, Slovenia and Switzerland to sold out shows, dressed like pirates and drinking all the beir, it was time to party! Upon return, it was with a heavy heart to see the front man Ultralord (Dale J Williams) to leave Lagerstein to pursue different goals. 

Now with with a few months free to train up a new singer and the experience gained from Europe, Lagerstein is ready to hit the shows hard, with a new singer and violinist. Looking to tour Australia, Japan and Europe with in the next 12 months. 

Hold on to your butts, its about to get drunk.