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LBD was founded by guitarist Mr Peach as a side project designed to pay tribute to all of the Gothic Punk, Glam, Sleaze bands he grew up with. He was soon joined by Johnny Hell (Vox/Guitar/Keys/Programming) and in 2004, the duo recorded their first sing 'Goth Girls Are Easy'. It was put on the internet for free download, and the band started to build a following.

The Duo soon became a trio with the addition of Magic Andy on Bass. A few demos were recorded and LBD performed a string of live shows, with the rest of the band being made up of various musician friends. The live band varied, depending on who was available to play at the time. Unfortunately things didn't work out with Johnny Hell, mainly due to other commitments and the distance between band members. LBD brought on board Luci4 as the new lead singer. The only recording from LBD with Johnny Hell on vocals that received an official release was 'Goth Girls Are Easy' which was featured on the compilation album 'Kill Your Management Volume 6'.

Lesbian Bed Death recorded its debut album 'I Use My Powers For Evil' at the Lizard Lounge Studios in Stoke-on-Trent. It was produced by Alex Jockel, and saw the LBD trio being joined by members of the 'then live band' including lead guitarist Chuckmaster C, and numerous musician friends from the local scene. It was released on Halloween 2006.

The debut album was followed by three music videos and gigs all over the UK, including some underground festivals. The band also played shows in The Netherlands. The band built up a cult following and have sold albums all over the world. People searching Youtube for 'Lesbian' and 'Goth Girls' certainly didn't hurt.

Lesbian Bed Death began working on a new album in the Summer of 2009. On the first day of recording, Magic Andy quit the band. The remaining members recorded almost the entire album over the next few months hoping that he would reconsider and rejoin the band. Eventually, Chuckmaster C had to record the bass parts. Unlike the debut, the second album was recorded by just four people: Luci4, Mr Peach, Chuckmaster C and long-standing drummer Danny Stigmata. Soon after the recording of the album, the band recriuted bassist Will Power to complete the line-up. Lesbian Bed Death was now becoming a band as opposed to a 'project'.

In a long standing tradition of utter chaos, Lesbian Bed Death announced the departure of lead singer Luci4 only weeks before the Halloween 2010 release of the album.

The band announced Kittie Racchea as their new singer, and are currently touring the album 'Designed By The Devil, Powered By The Dead'. They re-recorded the title track and 'Moonlight' and released the songs as the 'Moonlight' single in April 2011.

The band released a music video for 'Moonlight (Version 2)' in May 2011 and introduced the new line-up of Lesbian Bed Death to the world.

The band wrote and recorded five new songs at MCC Studios, Manchester, during the Summer of 2011, with the intention of recording more later in the year. The band worked with a company called 'PledgeMusic' to raise funds to do this. With the support of fans accross the world, the target was smashed and the band recorded the remaining songs in January 2012, creating the album 'Riot Of The Living Dead'.

A video for the track Halloween (recorded Summer 2011) was filmed in time for a Halloween '11 release, as a taster for the new album.

Current line up:

Kittie Racchea - vocals
Mr.Peach - guitar
Chuckmaster C - guitar
Will Power - bass
Danny Stigmata - drums