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Reggio Emilia


Hailing from the city of Reggio Emilia, Italy, Logic Of Denial is a 4-piece relentless brutal death metal combo now under the wings of Comatose Music (US). Keep spreading the infamy!

"Logic of Denial were born in Reggio Emilia at the end of 2006 from the ashes of Collapse (2003-2006) and played, during the years, a lot of gigs in many parts of northern Italy, sharing the stage with many bands like Septycal Gorge, Sickening, Mass Infection, Hatred, Decrepidemic, Blasphemer, Vomit The Soul, Stormlord, Decaying Purity, Murder Therapy, Hateful, Holocausto Canibal, Infernal Poetry, Putridity, Gory Blister, Modus Delicti, and many others. 

In 2009 the band recorded the first full-lenght album "Necrogenesis", with Carlo Izzo & Moonlight Studios (Parma). In 2010 Logic Of Denial signs a deal with the italian extreme label "The Spew Records", releasing the debut album at Tattoo Deathfest 2010 and promoting it during the whole year. 

In 2011 the band shares the stage with some of the greatest death metal acts of alla time at at the renowned Neurotic Deathfest (NL) and records the two track promo 'Incipit of Abhorrence'.

In 2012 Logic of Denial proudly joins forces with Comatose Music for a new 2013 release! The band has unleashed its second full length album titled 'Atonement'. Mastered at the mighty Hertz Studios and thematically focused on the fields of expiation and catharsis. Eleven tracks of blasting death metal brutality, where the process of atonement could represent the ravenous, sick, odd and contradictory side of human and in-human existence".