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Formed sometime in 2010 from the ashes of other bands The Lost Souls Club set out with no plan other than to keep it simple, keep it live and create the most straight and true music they could with as big an atmosphere as possible. 

Instantly they got recognised as something special and invited to play One Movement in Australia followed by Canadian Music Week in Toronto. They also ended up sponsored by Tiger Beer and playing all over Asia; China, Vietnam and Cambodia. 

This is the first year of their existence so who knows what the 2nd will bring?

'Their dark, pulsing rock swirls with a sinister malice that sets the tone perfectly...'

"The Lost Souls Club maybe a musical home for the heartbroken and dreamers, but on this showing I think they'll very soon need to start booking larger venues in which to hold their meetings, as they are about to explode.

So are The Lost Souls Club the best band of my Hard Rock Hell weekend that weren't even playing the festival? Yeah....most definitely..."

"Amidst some occasionally blinding strobes, Lost Souls stand in an otherwise low-lit bubble of dark, all moody stances and bursts of frenetic energy. Edgy, dirty and raw, this is a much more rock out sound than before, but without losing the maturity and enigmatic qualities that made them stand out before. With hints of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Jesus and Mary Chain, as well as NIN-edge that remains, there's a real intensity that really makes it hard to turn away.

There's something dark and wrong going on here, but at the same time its irresistible… you just want to reach out and touch it."