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Year Formed
North Shields


In 2011, Evil Joe (Bass Noises) & Jamie Death (Drum Noises) were bored. They'd both left the same bands (Petrol Terriers, Keyside Strike), and there was fuck all to do in North Shields, apart from drink copious amounts of alcohol & smoke tabs.
During one drunken night, the subject of "Good Band Names" came up. Joe suggested that "Lovely Wife" was a good name for a band. Jamie agreed, and they drank on it.
Lovely Wife had a couple of practices way back in November 2011, & decided that they'd like to go on tour. Since then, they've done nowt....

Until November 2012, when they had their first gig. A messy affair (Jamie was ill as fuck, Joe was drunk as fuck), culminating in Joe smashing his bass accidentally on purpose. In front of 12 people.

Later in December 2012, a new arrival in the form of Jon Skronk on guitar noises. The 3 had previously played together as part of 'Skronk', & Jamie and Jon went WAY back to the early '90's.

So, if you like your music loud & noisy, with added "we're-not-sure-what-we-are-doing-really", Lovely Wife are probably for you.