Year Formed


LUCTUS is a Lithuanian black metal band. The sound of LUCTUS can be described as fast and aggressive black metal with some death/thrash influences. LUCTUS main lyrical themes are as follows: negative emotions, war, nowadays decadence. Started by Kommander L. in 2001 as one-man band, LUCTUS has so far released two albums. The first demo tape "My Sorrow In The Lifeless Landscapes", released in 2002, was rather amateur, recorded only with an acoustic guitar and this tape didn't reach the metalheads of the underground. Another record called "The Dawn Of The Eclipsed Desperation", which was released in 2003, was recorded in a professional studio, however using a drum machine. This album didn't reach many metalheads, however, those who had heard this album said good words about it.

After a year, the album, „Ad Arma!', was released. The style had changed a bit: it had become more aggressive and powerful than before. This time, the drums were handled by a live drummer. The album "Ad Arma!" received great reviews all over the underground. LUCTUS managed to find three musicians and play a few live shows.

In March of 2007 the biggest Lithuanian extreme metal label Ledo Takas released a split album with another Lithuanian black metal band Argharus, entitled "Sonitus Caeli Ardentis". The split album contains six tracks of the latest LUCTUS record. Since the summer of 2006 LUCTUS kommando had a stabile line-up with two sessionists to strike in live shows.

After a year of silence, in 2009 Ledo Takas rec. presents the new LUCTUS album "Jau?iant pabaig? arti" ("Feeling the End Near"). Recorded in the legendary Latvian "Phoenix" studios it contains 11 tracks of crunchy thrashing black metal with certain old-school spirit, able to shake the ground with a cannon-like burst!

Currently the band, which has just celebrated 10 years of activity, is based in Kaunas. Now LUCTUS has a stable line-up, it's engaged in frequent live assaults and it's working on the third full-length opus.