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From the first tones the shit hit the fan and the crowd went berserk. Their vocalist knows exactly how to interact with the crowd and pushes them to another level that finally results in a huge circle pit. It's pretty clear that this is one hell of a band that knows how to handle a crowd. –


MagnaCult is back – angrier than ever, and ready to crush you with their second album, Insua EnVenom. With their signature mix of thrash and death metal, MagnaCult turns up the volume. Get ready to bleed: MagnaCult's killing season is open.

With their second album, Insua EnVenom, MagnaCult – Seb (vocals), Spit (bass and backing vocals), Tomas (guitar, acoustic), D. (guitar, acoustic), and Bionic (drums) take their sound to the next level. More brutal and technical than their 2007 debut Synoré, Insua EnVenom is faster and more powerful, packed with massive guitar solos and full of groove.

'Insua EnVenom meanstrue innerstrength,' explains Bionic. 'Everyone has inner strength,but it's onlythe personwho livesin an advancedstate ofself-consciousness who can force themselves to become the best they canbe. Putting yourself down with words, behavior, drugs and thoughts will keep you from attaining this power. Andthereare always external forces that willtryto make you fail. This is the main subject of MagnaCult's new album Insua EnVenom.'

The band has toured through Europe, sharing stages with DevilDriver, Ill Niño, Five Finger Death Punch, Shadows Fall and Kittie. 'Touring with these awesome, hard-working bands was an amazing experience,' says Tomas.

'We can't wait to get back on the road and crush audiences with our new record – we're ready to take MagnaCult to the next level,' adds Seb

'I know our fans will enjoy our new songs,' adds Spit. 'They understand where we come from, what MagnaCult is about. They are our army and continue to stand side by side with us. We're ready, we're hungry, we're angry. We're MagnaCult!'


Insua EnVenom

Insua EnVenom opens with the first single, true MagnaCult track 'Torment', featuring the spectacular drumming Bionic is known for. 'The first pearl of our second album slams you right in the jaw,' says Seb. 'It's a personal view on surrendered people who deliver themselves as slaves to religion and society. We believe in our own power and choose to live life the way it is. Pure, honest and no bullshit.'

'That's how all of us are standing in our own life,' adds bassist Spit. We won't be slaves, we use our own strength, and live our lives the way we want. We're not followers – we lead our own destiny.'

'Hell's in Me' was one of the first songs written for the record, and set the style for writing the other songs. With its melodic bridge and killer outro riff, 'Hell's in Me' set the standard for more guitar solos and a bigger sound than the band's debut album. 'It's songs like this the MagnaCult fans want to hear,' says Bionic. 'It's fast, it's got groove, and it makes you sing along knowing that hell is in you!'

Starting out as a jam with a riff D. wrote, 'Submission' has evolved into a grooving track with some killer guitar work. ''Submission' gives my answer to underestimation and humiliation from the past,' says Seb. 'Be yourself, make your choices and dare to step up.'

'Make the day, make the fist. You are not as good as them: You are better than them,' adds Bionic.

'Past Defeat' glides in with acoustic guitars and subtle string arrangements. 'We needed some air on this record. Synoré was brutal from start to finish, and we wanted something different with Insua EnVenom – some breathing time to let you prepare for the next crushing hit,' explains D.

The bass opens up and a jazzy drumbeat designed to confuse you adds a twist before the song really gets going. And the lyrics follow suit: 'This anthem of pain kicks in after a peaceful period in life. No excuses, no regrets, no preparations and no way back. A notification to your inner-self to wake the hell up!' says Seb.

The 'Dead Army' is unburied and stronger than ever: Those who will never die, and wait for you with open arms. 'Raise your glass to the fallen, the forgotten and the legends,' says Seb. 'Drink enough to feel the demons, and know they are alive.'

Habits and addictions that possess and control you are the focus of 'Disorder'. Its unpredictability is a mirror on the recurring nature of addiction, and the lyrics warn us that humanity could be poisoned forever. Already a feature on the band's setlist, 'Disorder' is a real crowd pleaser: Circle pits materialize when the song blasts through the sound system. 'The slow death metal riff at the bridge is something Bionic came up with,' explains Spit. 'He's the true death metal freak in the band. And the groove is just there all the time.'

'Statements' is about the ruin of mankind. Instead of progressing, evolving, and becoming greater, mankind is mastering only traits such as greed, ego and individualism. ''Statements' is an exemplar of what MagnaCult stands for,' comments Tomas.

The tripartite epic 'How Raven Stole the Sun' features MagnaCult's first ever instrumental piece. 'It represents the moment you lose your mind and your carnal lust turns into torture,' comments D. 'Breaking patterns, expectations and playing it really rough can change everything.

'Insua EnVenom concludes with a journey into the psyche of those people seething with anger and vengeance at their tormentors – those who were abused as children. ''The Hate Child' gives us an insight into the adults craving for their child selves to exact revenge on their abusers,' explains Bionic. 'Filled with brutal aggression, this song screams in the face of evil, right to the bitter end.'


Creating the crush

MagnaCult teamed up again with producer Jochem Jacobs, SplitSecondSound Studios, who mixed and mastered this ambitious new album. Guitarist Tomas co-produced the album with Jochem. 'Tomas has a great overview and knows how we want to sound, so it was obvious that he should be involved in producing this album,' says Spit. 'And working with Jochem again was great. We had such a good vibe working together on Synoré that it was an easy decision to ask him to work with us on this album.'

Jochem already had a great feeling about Insua EnVenom in the early stages of mixing: 'It's not even finished yet, but I already know that the new MagnaCult is gonna be KILLER!! The new songs are all great and this will definitely blow everyone away!'

Insua EnVenom is released on their own label, Synoré Records – named after their debut album. 'It's a tough time to be in the music industry, and this seemed the best choice we could make,' says D. 'By starting our own label, we're keeping everything within the band. The five of us, and our crew, are ready to work hard to get this band on the road and share our music around the world.'

The striking cover art for Insua EnVenom is made by artist Bob Martens, a good friend of the band. It's based onthe comic version of the  Dark Tower series by Stephen King. 'I'm a big fan ofhis work,' says D. 'The dark side, the other world speaks to me. What comes forward very strong is the journey we're making with the band, on a path to achieveour higher goals, with all the losses and set backs we have overcome.The cover represents our journey: The unity, the dark side and the infinite.'


Seb – vocals

D. – guitar, acoustic

Tomas – guitar, acoustic

Spit – bass, backing vocals

Bionic – drums