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Midnight Messiah have a direct link to the glory days of classic rock. When NWOBHM stalwarts Elixir called time on their second decade of activity, playing shows and festivals throughout Europe, USA and the UK (Including Hammerfest and Hard Rock Hell) and releasing three studio albums during that period, vocalist Paul Taylor and guitarist Phil Denton decided to continue working together.

As Elixir's main songwriters, the duo had forged a creative and exciting partnership. Their acclaimed debut album 'The Son of Odin' was voted one of the 'Top 20 Power Metal Albums of All Time' by UK's Terrorizer magazine alongside such greats as Judas Priest and Helloween, and 'Classic Album of the Month' in Sweden Rock magazine .

The pair had written a complete new album before assembling a worthy new band featuring the astonishingly talented Dave Strange on lead guitar, Dusty Miller on bass and Darren Lee on drums.

Called Midnight Messiah this new band shoulders the burden of continuing the legacy of both Elixir itself and real classic rock well into the 21st Century.

The band's debut album, 'The Root of All Evil', is scheduled for release in April 2013, on the CTR label.