Year Formed


Mutator are an 80's style Thrash Metal trio from the Newport area of South Wales formed in late 2005 under the original name of 'Brabazon'. Working hard around Britain and Europe to bring audiences closer to the revival of Thrash, Mutator are becoming a well known name in the British underground Thrash scene. Embarking on European tours and playing along side the likes of Evile, Saxon, Sworn Amongst, Twisted Sister and UFO, Thrash really has become a way of life for these boys.

Aswell as winning competitions around Britain for Best Unsigned Band, Mutator have travelled the country far and wide showing people that Thrash really is still alive and still kicking ass. Lead Vocalist and Guitarist 'Stoo Harris' leads the band with speed metal riffage accompanied by monstrous vocals like that of Exodus. On the Bass Guitar they have the bearded Bass machine which is 'Sam Jones' who with his Rex Brown-esque stage presents always manages to have the crowd tight in his grasp and gets the audiences bouncing with his added Thrashy Grooves. The driving engine of the band is the unexplainable energy and power of Drummer 'Pete Flemming'. Pete joined the band late 2009 and since then has transformed the sound of the band immensely with his lightning speed double bass work and never seems to lose his smile whilst doing what he loves as he beats holy hell out of his drumkit.
Mutator really are making a big name for theirselves and will continue their Thrash Machine Attack for years to come.