Year Formed


NekroDrako are a Manchester based extreme industrial metal project that have been evolving in sound and style since their inception in Sheffield in early 2004. Their sound mixes new technology with Bahraini-born founding member and vocalist John Thompson's love for the grislier parts of the history of extreme metal.

Influenced by drumming in the styles of Pete Sandoval, Flo Monier, and Hellhammer, NekroDrako eschews the notion of realistic sounding drum for distorted electronics and sampled sounds, meticulously manipulated by hand on machines. Real machines, real hands, unreal creations that capture nuances lost with computer-based approaches. Distorted kick drums mix with noise driven percussive sounds, creating at its heart a wall of noise that blasts the entire frequency range.

Fleshed out with layers of intense black metal-tinged guitar and skinned in synthesizers, NekroDrako's music is as spiky and erratic as the lyrics, prone to sudden changes in tempo and time signature, viewing everything through dark tinted lenses.

The current lineup of John Thompson (vocals, programming, keys) and guitarists Alex Joss and Dave Newell have been gigging intensively in between writing new material in the studio, becoming known for winning over even fiercely traditionalist metal crowds with their earsplitting live shows that combine a blistering guitar assault with John's intense, unpredictable stage presence.

The band's debut EP for Stutter Records, 'Before the Swine,' is out now on iTunes, Amazon, and direct from the band's website.