Year Formed


Neuroma formed in a basement in Liverpool in 2007 when Harry, Chris and Matt decided to take a newer, more brutal direction with their music, taking influence not only from the stalwart brutal death metal acts such as Suffocation and Cannibal Corpse, but also from both old school death and modern slam style death metal. Initial songs developed interestingly, with slimy Immolation style riffs segueing into punishing Devourment-esque beatdowns, and it was not long before the three piece sought a full line up to bring the music into the metal scene proper. This was realised when Joe (bass) and Gregg (vox) joined later in the year, allowing Neuroma to complete their sound and unleash themselves live onto the unsuspecting UK public.

Neuroma's energetic and humourous live performances quickly garnered attention from their peers, among the first being Hartlepoole's mighty Dawn of Chaos, who immediately put Neuroma at the top of the list of bands to fill the other side of their upcoming split CD.

November 2008 saw Neuroma travel to Foel Studio to record their first 5 songs with Chris Fielding (Primordial/Napalm Death). Top notch equipment and incredible production allowed Neuroma to make the most of their time there and record songs to a standard that could easily hold their own against the best death metal bands of today. The CD was released through Grindethic Records in the UK, and distributed by Sevared Records in the US and Amputated Vein in Japan respectively.

Northern Discomfort was released in early 2009 and quickly began to fly off the shelves both at gigs and via the band Myspace.

2009 saw Neuroma welcome a new guitarist to its ranks to replace founding member Chris. Paul, known best from Liverpool's most acclaimed thrash band Ogun, brings a fresh approach to song writing and adds a sickening death/thrash twist to Neuroma's already diverse gene pool.

Since Northern Discomfort, Neuroma have earned their reward for two years of hard work: playing sold out gigs in Lithuania and Latvia, playing the main stage at the first ever United Kingdom Deathfest, offers of further tours in the Balkans, the USA and European festivals, playing alongside not only the top UKDM bands such as Ingested and Nailed but globally acclaimed bands like Vader, Repulsion, Benediction, Inveracity, Beheaded, Origin and many more.

In Summer 2011 Neuroma released their debut album "Extremophile", recorded at Foel Studios by Chris Fielding and distributed by Grindscene Records. The album has received outstanding reviews and contains 9 brand new tracks of groove tinged technical death metal.