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'With disregard for playing by the rules that may cause a few old school puritans to retch in horror, No Consequence are the quintessential modern metal band. With a solid spine of tech-death intricacy, huge swathes of Architects-style atmosphere and smartly executed bursts of everything from brutal grind to razor-sharp thrash, their sound is a bravely limitless amalgam of every credible sub-genre.' 
-- Terrorizer

'Surfing on a wave of confidence generated by the completion of an excellent debut album 'In The Shadow of Gods'... they take the all-out attack approach, tearing into songs from the album with infectious enthusiasm; a six-man whirlwind of energy and technical dexterity, propelled along by nothing more than a collective to the cause.'
-- Metal Hammer (live review)

'The debut album from UK metallers No Consequence is a foreboding, storming assault of accomplished and savagely focused technicality and intricate song writing'
-- Rocksound

Having released 2009's 'In the Shadow of Gods' to critical acclaim, No Consequence are heading to the studio and pushing the boundaries on their highly anticipated second album. Building on the foundations laid down by their debut, the band are taking their music to new heights of technicality, melody and calculated brutality.