..Pan-cultural, pie-eyed, psychedelic post-doom pill-shovelers Obiat have one of the thorniest, twistiest family trees ever. Raf is from Poland, Laz is from Hungary, joined by Belgian born English Marc and many other friends and session players from Uk and abroad. Obiat currently call the UK their home, but clearly, theirs is a global concern, and the music ably demonstrates that. A deep, disquieting headphone trip that drifts woozily from Middle-Eastern tone poems to crunching neo doom, serial killer frash, and no-helmet space prog, Obiat's constantly shifting sound is like a sentient iPod that secretly plots to kill. while it lulls you into a bludgeon rock trance.
The band formed in the late '90s, in the Polish town of Szczecin. Guitarist Rafal Reutt is the founding member; originally a three-piece, the band developed their fluid approach to heavy rock in Poland, but it wasn't until Reutt moved to London and began searching for a solid line-up that he chanced upon the 'voice' of Obiat – Hungarian singer Laszlo Pallagi. The two Eastern Europeans bonded culturally and musically, and Obiat's acid-stuffed calliope ride to oblivion began in earnest.
The band has so far released three albums, each one top heavy with guest-musicians, weird instrumentation (a hurdy-gurdy?), and a wild sense of experimentation. Their latest, Eye Tree Pi (Small Stone), is perhaps their most cohesive, groove-oriented work yet. It's still nuts, though. The album was produced and engineered by Chris Fielding (Napalm Death, Electric Wizard) and mixed by dop -rock super producer Billy Anderson (Melvins, High on Fire, Mr. Bungle). Given that sort of pedigree, it goes without saying that it will melt your brain into a puddle. Tribal and hypnotic and heavy as Sabbath... Obiat have been gigging all over Europe (where they originally from) Hungary, Poland.Italy, Germany, France, Netherland, Austria, Belgium... Double headlined with ELECTRIC WIZARD in France, Stoned Hand of Doom festival in Rome with Doomraiser + more in Italy, Belgium, Germany with EARTHRIDE (ex Spirit Caravan), Gates Of Slumber, Centurions Ghost-Doom Over Nuernberg fest, with TESTAMENT and MY DYING BRIDE and Korpiklani(Metalmania Fest in Budapest)....and more and of course all over the UK with , WITCHCRAFT-Sweden, ACID KING, A STORM OF LIGHT, NEBULA, PELICAN, THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX & 5IVE from Boston-USA, HAWKWIND's Nik Turner Space Unit,ORANGE GOBLIN, RAMESSES -former Electric Wizard), ESOTERIC, Suns of The Tundra TV appearance on BBC and Man and Motor (satellite): "Mad Count 3-4" Shows. Madcount 4. available on DVD with Obiat soundtrack as well. Singer Laz is also deeply involved in writing and recording for Peach /Suns of the Tundra(TOOL's Justin Chancellor previous band) albums along with fellow musicians like Simon Oakes, Andy Prestige (ANGEL WITCH, Winters, Cortizone).They also contributed some material for the 2nd album OBIAT:EMOTIONALLY DRIVEN DISTURBULeNCE(2005) as well as "EYE TREE PI" (2009). Guitarist Raf also performed with deathcore band Justonefix as seen on stage with CULT OF LUNA, BLEEDING THROUGH, MARDUK, DISMEMBER, ZAO, Cataract and more.....