Year Formed


OneUnder have come together from the remnants of a few different local Scunthorpe bands. 
They have created there own unique style of music. This has been created within 3 months of one practice a week. 
more info to follow. 
OneUnder are a Scunthorpe based metal band who have been playing in their current incarnation since November 2012. Each member has a long history in music, each bringing their own skills and influences to this new project. 
A live recording is in the final stages of production with an E.P. to follow, although due to them 'not being able to stop writing new material' this may become a full L.P.. 
The band have entered competitions to play at Bloodstock and Beermageddon and are actively seeking live gigs.

Dave Millward- Vocals 
The lead vocalist for OneUnder, Dave is best known for his time with Subcutaneous. He is also the main lyricist and often comes up with entire songs within a practise. He is also an expert at finding horrible things on the internet and making everyone else feel sick. 
Jack Spence- Guitar 
Jack is very much the youngster of the band but makes up for it with ego, lots of ego. Responsible for most of the riffs used by the band, Jack's characteristic big guitar work has moved the band in a different direction and into the realms of Stoner Metal. This, mixed with his penchant for weird time signatures, has helped define the current sound. He also is the producer and recording engineer at Central Foundry. 
Shez Morton- Bass 
Usually found lurking in a darkened corner of the stage is Shez, nailing the bass lines to the floor. Shez's ability to pick up the structure and riffs of songs has meant that the band can churn out songs faster than most people can write a riff. 
Harley Boulton- Drums 
The bearded man at the back hammers out solid beats that create the spine of the OneUnder machine. With an impressive array of drums and cymbals Harley keeps it all together. He also owns the Central Foundry Studio and Practise Facility