Year Formed


Overoth are a Death Metal Band hailing from the Belfast area of Northern Ireland. They formed in late 2005 by four friends with a raw passion for no frills Death Metal. They have been played the Irish, UK and mainland Europe scenes since the release of their first demo 'Pathway To Demise' and have received great reception wherever they've played. As the focal point of the band's existence, Overoth

's tight, energetic and exciting live performances have gained them the quick respect of the many bands they have shared the stage with.

They were easily the band of the night. Transporting the crowd right back to Florida circa 1991, it could easily have been Death/Morbid Angel/Pestilence up on stage rather than a young local band.

There is an air of confidence and prowess to Overoth that many bands fail to achieve even after lengthy careers. They are focused, tight and almost militaristic in their execution.

With good feedback and confidence from their demo release the band entered the studio again to record new material. Over the late spring of 2007 Overoth recorded 'Death Personified' at Komodo Studios. Rundown Records were quick to see an opportunity here and approached the band, after discussions a deal was signed. 'Death Personified' was released on 16th November 2007 instantly followed by a short tour of Ireland and the UK. Among the shows following the release was the bands first notable support gig with Massacre & Extreme Noise Terror.

For most of the year the band played live, everywhere and anywhere including an appearance at what was to be the final Day of Darkness festival alongside Unleashed and Watain to name a few. In June Overoth played with Obituary in Dublin and also took across the UK and played their first shows in Scotland alongside Cerebral Bore.

A busy year for the band starting off in January with a bang touring in Switzerland & Ireland with Shadows Far. Late February & early March seen the band touring across Sweden with Swedish death metal veterens Godhate & also Volturyon. In May Overoth supported Origin for their Irish dates promoting their latest release. June saw a lineup change with drummer Gary leaving and Jay joining the fold 2 weeks before Godhate teamed up with Overoth once again, this time for four dates on Irish soil. In August Overoth supported Onslaught and also made an appearance at Irelands Low End Festival sharing the bill with Napalm Death & Primordial to name a few. Things cooled off for the next few months as the bands European Tour plans hit a wall and everything had to be cancelled. December rounded the year off on a high with an appearance at Cork Winterfest sharing the bill with Grand Magus, Mael Morda, Hail Of Bullets and more. The debut album 'Kingdom Of Shadows' was also completed in 2009 and was due for release early 2010.

The opening of a new chapter for Overoth, on 15th February the debut album 'Kingdom of Shadows' was released with a special launch show in Belfast with Condemned & By Any Means on the bill. Tour plans unfolded swiftly with more Irish dates planned to promote the album at home. Then returning over Easter to tour Switzerland for a second time this time alongside Shadows Far and Sinister. Summer was busy period with the band supporting Suffocation, Cattle Decapitation, Bolt Thrower and Rotting Christ on their Irish shows. September/October took the band for a full UK Ireland tour with Bloodshot Dawn, also joining for part of the tour was Trifixion & Fleshrot. It wasn't long after the UK tour that Overoth left for Switzerland again for a second time in the year for two headline shows. The band finished the year of in October with an appearance at Siege of Limerick.

A relatively quiet year for the most as the band concentrated on new material. The band toured Ireland over the Easter holidays with Nihilo culminating with the final show at Siege of Limerick. In November the band supported Hail of Bullets in Dublin.

A new year has begun and with new material, there are plans to record soon. Watch this space!

This is Overoth - An uncompromising aural assault of raw aggression. This is death personified.