Year Formed


Formed April 2011 by Marc Azrael Hoyland (Hoyland). Plaguewielder delves into death, disease, darkness, despare and subjects that he felt was too dark and extreme for his Hoyland project. As bleak as the subjects of the project are the sound represents this ideology perfectly. Incorporating deep drones, dark neo-classical together with ritualistic rhythms the final results is an overture of death and decay.

After releasing some demo tracks upon the world with positive feedback it was decided something more was needed to complete the picture. Bringing in Priapus23 (Akoustik Timbre Frekuency) on vocals and sound design/mastering completed the full putrid picture. Priapus23's shrieks, growls and banshee like screams added more bleakness and despair to an already despairing blacker than black sound.

Plaguewielder issued it's first release in May 2012 through Sombre Soniks, an EP titled "World Funeral Requiem". At the moment a digital only release but a CD release is finally upon the horizon and shall be executed through Sombre Soniks in 2013.

Nihilistik Plague Ambient!!