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Tiverton, Devon


Purging the Venom are a four piece metal band from the south west of the U.K. with Liam Neary on Guitar & Lead Vocals, Tom Núñez on Guitar and Vocals, Ryan Núñez on Bass & Vocals and Ben Rice on Drums. Purging the Venom bring a raw, animalistic, high energy sound to their fast paced Melodic Death Metal and are influenced by bands such as Gojira, Nevermore, Strapping Young Lad, Decapitated and FearFactory, but are also unique by combining the styles of these bands and making it their own sound.
In early 2013, Purging the Venom release their first E.P 'Possession'. This E.P was lyrically based on political corruption and demonic possession. The band have shared the stage with bands such as Evile, Revoker and Romeo Must Die and are currently in the process of writing new material. Keep your eyes peeled for Purging the Venom.