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The Netherlands


Formed in 2003 under the name Carnal Rancidity, four crazy guys from the west of The Netherlands decided to play some hideous goregrind. The name was soon changed to Rectal Smegma to emphasize the gruesomeness of the blubbery music. The band underwent a number of line-up changes but was a stabile unit since early 2012. There are three full length records released plus two split albums with Namek and Cuntgrinder. Currently Rectal Smegma is working on a new full length album scheduled for a 2013 release.

The band has been out on the road to South Europe with Rompeprop and once through central Europe with Cliteater and Rompeprop on the Goregrind over Europe tour. By now Rectal Smegma is a solid live band with shows where anything can happen. In 2011 they went on their first headlining tour with the Swedes from Splattered Mermaids and again they left a trail of destruction and empy beer and booze bottles behind. Another successful performance at Obscene Extreme was done, and also an appearance at the last edition of Mountains of Death. 2012 saw the band appear at all three Extreme Fests in Austria, Switzerland and Germany, plus a performance at Party San Open Air. The band made their first overseas trip with a two week trek in Mexico as well, entitled the Mexican Brutality Tour with as highlight a headlining slot at the Mexican Brutality Fest. Anyone who has ever seen Rectal Smegma live or met one of the guys knows they're dealing with insane alcoholics with a lust for extreme depravity. The rampage still continues, so hide your women and alcohol supply when they come to your town because Rectal Smegma is sure to abuse all of them...