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Reflection in Exile…A Metal quintet from North East England.

With a wide range of influences, from early death and black metal to modern day thrash, Reflection in Exile bring together an amalgamation of speed driven, technical drumming, riff orientated guitar work with a diminished harmonic correlation, and low 'throaty' growls, balanced off against high pitched screams.


Their debut EP, "The Law of Retaliation" was released in early 2011 to critical acclaim and since then the band have been working hard as part of the UK underground metal scene and began their assault on the UK in Spring 2011 playing the EP material in every respectable venue possible. After gaining very positive feedback, a nationwide following and shifting hundreds of copies of the EP, the band are now concentrating on their upcoming, as yet "Untitled" album for release in 2012.

Since the release of the EP and the follow up single's 'Apega' & "Smoke & Mirrors", R.I.E. have gained notable exposure and prime airtime on FM and dedicated, metal Internet radio shows which have led to numerous live performances and label interest.

Gaining a nationwide following and shifting hundreds of copies of the EP, 2012 has seen the band open for Chimaira & Revoker on their UK Tour in March.

August 2012 will see RIE perform at the BLODDSTOCK OPEN AIR FESTIVAL, alongside the likes of Nile, Testament, Dimmu Borgir & Sepultura.


I'm still amazed with the quality of underground British metal bands, seeing Reflection In Exile at Brumstock Festival 2011 a few days ago was more than amazing.
When I first saw the guys, I knew it's going to be something serious. Attitude, gear, skill, stage presence, all of these make me wonder why these guys aren't huge! 
Two skilled guitarists, a solid bass player who knows how to cut through the mix, an insane drummer who reminds me of Chris Adler and a talented singer, all of them make this machinery called 'Reflection In Exile' to work perfectly, their live sound is amazing, great rhythm, great skills, good sound levels, everything works like it was programmed.

For a band, which started playing just over a year ago, their stuff is amazing. This E.P. features 6 songs including an intro. Their sound is very mature; having a thrashy, modern metal, maybe groove metal influence, with high-speed technical riffs that make you headbang instantly. Their breakdowns are really catchy, followed by fast solos, which define their sound.

Sebastian Bucerzan -

"Being one of the forerunners, way back in '84 when the journalistic pigeon hole THRASH was certainly in its infancy. And over the years having been handed many demos & promos; probably enough to build a house with! I was frequenting a local guitar shop when someone said, "EVO, listen to this." I took it out of the shrink wrap, put it on in the car and fuck me, a corpse being done with 9-inch fuckin' nails for bullets with REFLECTION IN EXILE being the glorious murderers. Each track drenched in memorable power riffs dripping in blood. 40 a day Malboro cigs vocals, and a drummer who must do whizz for breakfast! This is exceptional stuff. Record labels be warned. Shy kids get nothing. Get on their case or miss out.'


"Every now and then you hear something that immediately makes you sit up and take notice. Something that makes you listens just a little more intently. Something that makes the metal juices flow... This band, and this E.P. tick all of those boxes...and more besides."

Chippy - The Metal Gods Rock Show


Lips – (Anvil)