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Return To Your Roots are a 4-piece Metalcore band from Hastings, United Kingom. 
The band currently consists of; 
Aaron Williams - Lead Vocals 
Jacob Jearum-Bush - Guitars/Clean Vocals 
Tommy Hart - Bass/Vocals 
Jamie Haste - Drums

Our band began back in December 2011 as Siege Of Antioch, original members were Aaron, Jacob, Jamie and Ryan but due to complications Ryan had to leave the band. Early 2012 Josh Browne became the new guitarist for SOA, and shortly after that Tommy joined on bass. We started working on some new songs and decided to come up with a new name. We came up with the name 'Return To Your Roots' from the popular game Skyrim, in which one of the quest names is 'A Return To Your Roots'. 
About August time 2012 we decided we were going to start recording our EP, we hadn't played any gigs at this point but preferred the idea of recording some songs first. Unfortunately Josh had to leave the band in September due to heavy work commitments as a Supervisor. Now it was just Aaron, Jacob, Jamie and Tommy. We decided to remain a 4-piece as we all got on extremely well and people were starting to recognise us from our first song 'Traitors' and our Facebook profile.

In October we began practicing as a band seriously so we could get ready for gigs, little did we know it'd be February 2013 before we got to play! 
But the day came when we played our very first gig and it went extremely well. The crowd reacted excellently and at our second gig the crowd went more wild than we did! 
From there on the story kind of tells itself, we're in the middle of writing our proper first release and preparing to record the entire thing.

As for the genre and influence of the band it's all very eclectic. We all listen to different styles of music so we've just blended it all. I (Jacob) am into Death Metal and Metalcore and as I write all of the instrumental music for the band you can hear my mixture of the two genres. Aaron and Jamie are both into Hardcore and Metalcore, Jamie goes for a pretty straight forward metalcore style of drumming, but with incredible depth on certain parts of the songs. Aaron uses a 'False Chord' Scream mainly, which is the shouty style of scream but then he brings it back to brutal with his deep, booming low growls. Tommy, like myself, is into Death Metal so his influence for playing is similar to mine. I leave Tommy to write his own bass lines as I can't be bothered!

Tommy and I also put our vocals into the band, to add more diversity to the sound. We didn't want this band to be just a metalcore band so we've added singing, fry screams, gutteral screaming, false chords, shouting and even some rap.

That pretty much concludes the whole thing, but just in case you're wondering why one of our genres is Historical well, that's because we've got this concept going on over a few of the songs.

The songs I mentioned are B. Frank, T. Ed and Guardians (The Defeated). The whole idea is that we're taking well known people throughout history but putting our own spin on their life and story. So if you hadn't guessed by now, B. Frank is Benjamin Franklin and T. Ed is Thomas Edison. Long story short, the Guardians are a group of 5 members throughout history who are seperated by a few hundred years or so but all come together in death to fight off an army of evil madmen, yet to be decided. Little bit of fun trivia for you; in the songs B. Frank and T. Ed the history is accurate but we've included our concept but right at the end of T. Ed, when I sing the final verse, it's actually B. Franks spirit speaking to T. Ed and informing him of how to become a Guardian. Lyrics being; 
My Son, you seek the answer to the Legend of the Guardians. For this tale to continue, yours must end. Sacrifice your energy and gain immortality.

Thanks so much for dropping by our page, checking out our songs and videos. Head over to our Facebook profile to see our first live video! Take care all

- Return To Your Roots