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Year Formed


1999 - 2004
  The history of Revenge starts by two school kids Manos and Jim. They decide to create a band to play songs from one of their favourite bands, legendary, Sepultura.  Inspired  from their new album Arise, they begun  to collect some similar albums from bands like Sepultura.  To pick the band's name was easy, cause of both of them were full of hate, anger for everything. But, cause of their educational duties they stopped in the begining.

2004 - 2006

  In the summer of 2004, when they finished high school, they begun rehearsing. Manos was on bass/vocals and Jim on drums. They were practising on one song, " Nail Them All " which lyrics were about hooligans. Although that it was difficult to make something without guitar, the raw, filthy and dirty sound from what they were playing was enough to fill their lust to create satanic music.


  Listening to their recorded rehearsals, Manos and Jim decided that although the "feeling" was right, if they want to make a step ahead, they had to find a guitar player. In the summer of the same year, Hlias showed up and Revenge started to rehearse songs like "Nail Them All", "Altar Of The Dead" and "Evil Nightmare". Some rehearsals were recorded and also a live video. The sound was still raw and with the guitar was more satanic than ever.  Their influences from Sepultura, Possessed, Mutilator etc. were obvious.


  With the begining  of 2007, a friend of Manos, Aggelos, joined Revenge for second guitar. With a complete and ready line up, the horde wrote their first official release " Nail Them All " EP, which a couple of months later draw the attention of german label Anger Of Metal. This EP printed on 500 copies ono vinyl 7" and made Revenge well known in the metal society cause of it's blasphemous and satanic atmosphere. After September, Jim left the band for personal reasons and Vaggelis ( Embrace Of Thorns, Necrovorous, Dead Congrecation ) joined the band for drums and Revenge started rehearsals for their first debul LP " FROM HELL " ...


  The year started great. The LP was ready. An album that reminds more than ever the old Sepultura and especialy the south american thrash scene. After the recordings, Manos and Aggelos left for their army duties but two new songs for a split with mighty Witchtrap, were ready. After many offers, Revenge signed a deal with russian label, Thrash Massacre and a deal with the mexican label, Iron Blood& Death corp. for the LP. The album was available on Cd format with different cover, layout etc on 500 copies from each label.


  Again the year started with great things such as, the release of the split EP 7" with Witchtrap called " HOLOCAUST " by the greek underground label, ALUCARD records. This release gave Revenge a new dynamic cause instead of the songs quality the production made by their drummer Vaggelis was a masterpiece. Even Fenriz from darkthrone got in touch for trades etc! In the middle of 2009 Vaggelis left for personal reasons and Jim returned for drums. The band started rehearsals again for new releases, but in the end of the year Aggelos was kicked out.


  So with original diabolical line up Manos ( Bass/Vocals ), Hlias ( Guitar ) and Jim ( Drums ), they recorded two songs to  attract a good label. The result was a deal with greek label Evil Rising records which included the release of their second full length album " MASSACRE IN HEAVEN " on Vinyl, Tape and CD format. After the deal Jim decided to go for the second guitar and John ( Ravencult ) joined the band for drums. Also this year, the  " FROM HELL " album , released on vinyl by greek label Alucard records and on tape by american underground label " Reaper's Grave ".


  The year started with some major changes, such as, a new satanic logo designed by the great peruvian artist Alan Corpse. Also the music was started to become even more aggressive, powerful and blasphemous than any other time.
In the present time, they are recording maybe their final and best satanic assault...