Year Formed


In May 2009 guitarist Mattia Baldoni and bass player Paolo Pontiggia decided to start a band that would always be faithful to the purest and most untairned Heavy Metal european standards.
In April 2010, after a long quest for musicians who shared their music and life ideals, they finally hired singer Daniele Francesco Valentini. This lineup changed several drummers, without finding one that suited the band. Anyway, that same year, by the end of September drummer Rosario Alcaro joined the group: Ruler was finally complete.
The band immediately started to compose tracks and rehearse as much as possible, while waiting for a chance to perform live. The first gig took place in May 2011 in Blue Rose, Bresso, and the ice was finally broken.
Over the following few months Ruler shared the stage with several icons of the music scene, such as Girlschool, Helstar, Sacred Steel and the compatriots Walpurgis Night, Axevyper and Prodigal Sons.
In January 2012 Ruler started recording the first full-lenght 'Evil Nightmares' in Elnor Studios, Magnago. The album was released by My Graveyard Productions in the following April. 
In 2012 Ruler took part in some of the most important Italian Underground festivals, such as Atzwang and Maelstorm, besides sharing a stage with bands as well-known as Weapon, Vicious Rumors, Striker, Cauldron and Dexter Ward. Furthermore, for the first time the group had the opportunity to perform abroad: in May 2012 they held a gig in the Netherlands together with Endovein from Turin, one in Newcastle with Angel Witch, Enforcer and the italians Walpurgis Night, and one in Barcelona by themselves.
Schedules for 2013 include a show in Up The Hammers together with Medieval Steel, Angus, Damien Thorne and many more, a gig in Germany and more to be announced. Moreover, within the same year MGP plans to release the second Ruler record, which is being prepared at the moment.