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The Band Sacred Legacy was formed in the early 2006 with Shahyd as the key person of the band, After the performance in His 1st band 'Syn' in the early 2004 he started his own Guitar solo career. 

In 2006, Shahyd started his own solo career and started working on his first album and released his first album on 23rd September 2006 which was 'The Sacred Legacy'. Which got the idea for the bands name that was given by the fans cry

featuring Tormenta and Serenity Dies. Thus was the band's first performance and Shahyds 1st solo album.

The band released their 1st album "Apocalypse" on 5th July 2007 on Domination Fest '07. 
And also in the same year Sacred Legacy participated in the "Rockstorm Festival: Freak Your Senses"

After So many Successful Shows The Band Started working on the 2nd album (Undying Heart) and was released in November 2008 which was one of the melodical Albums of the year featuring many Maldivians Artists.

In 2009 the band signed with an endorsement contract with Burn Energy Drink and Formax Maldives Pvt. Ltd

In 2010 the band had their greatest success with burn rock concert and breakout festival with has made the band fans base much bigger than before.

The band's current lineup is Shahyd Legacy and Iku on Guitars, Azzam on Bass and Vocals, Ammaday on Drums. With two successful albums released, The Band is currently working on their 3rd album entitled THE LEGACY BEGINS