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Born from ages spent in occult strife – like the first official biography wrote – Saturnalia Temple unites both spirit, sound, vibration and will in a musical ritual of personal dedication. A unique entity in the metal scene, being embraced by extreme black/death metal fans, as well as stoners and doomsters the Temple has slowly etched out their own sovereign area in the metal scene, a domain of hypnotic riffing and dark spiritual dedication. 

UR, a demo, the very first release crept up from the underground slowly like a blood-heavy moon and has now become a revered cult-release. The uncompromising sound and maniac riffs began a musical journey that does not know when to stop. 

The band has moved intently through the years and the, critically acclaimed, first proper album Aion of Drakon took the band to numerous major festivals including Roadburn, Hell's pleasure and Heavy Days in Doomtown as well as on both a EU and a US tour. Every live ritual and every released song has been carefully chosen. Saturnalia Temple is now working on their second album, planned for a February 2015 release. As a band that moves intently and without compromise, also this recording and production is done in their own studio, Sitra Ahra, in the forests outside Uppsala, Sweden. 

The strong occult and dark magical backbone is more prevalent than ever, and as a band that actually started before the current occult trend appeared, and considering that mastermind Tommie Eriksson is both a published writer and well known practitioner and lecture holder on the magical and occult arts, this will be a record that stands out from the tepid repetition of 70s clichés. The album is to be named 'To The Other' to signify that it is a gift from the band to both the Other Side, and to all that is in the shadows, in the other side of existence, that which has been neglected by the everyday world of light. US drummer Tim Call (Aldebaran, Howling Wind, Nightfell etc) brings his experience and power to the band on this recording. The album will be released by Listenable Records in Europe, and The Ajna Offensive in the US. 
To The Other presents magical prophetic lyrics that echo apocalyptic themes and initiatory revelations all straight from a lifetime of dark initiation. Presenting a harsher and darker sound than ever, years of experience, tribulations and triumph is condensed into a powerful album – an offering - To the Other

To the Other is released by Listenable Records in Europe February 27th and by The Ajna Offensive in the US.