Year Formed


Born in 2010, at the beginning the band members were Laura-voice, Angelica-drums, Jex-bass and Silvia-guitar .
Since then there have been various line-up changes until the current one:
Katrien: vocals; Giulia:guitar Samantha: guitar; Jex: bass; Angelica: drums.
In the first years the distance (and the line-up changes too) forces us to slow down a bit, as we live in 4 different cities: Rome, Modena, Bologna and Viterbo. Despite that, after the first period we eventually reached harmony among us and started composing songs rapidly.
Our first demo, a printed digipack cd including 7 tracks, was released on February 25th 2012. On March 14th the American label Razorback Recordings contacted the band. They offered us to produce our upcoming record!
From 2011 to 2014 we played a lot of gigs in Italy and also abroad.

At the moment the full-lenght 'Mors Vocat' is going to be released on cd by Razorback Recordings and on LP by Italian label Elektroplasma Musk Records in february 2015.

We play without necessarily talking about a specific genre and its limits, but sharing our tastes and ideas. The result is a slow, obscure music which could convey all the evil and discomfort we suffer in our everyday life.

So at present we are working on new songs, engaging ourselves to let our new record come out as soon as possible, and doing the best we can to transmit our everyday sickness!