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Sent For Blood- Leeds based Heavy Metal band formed in August 2011. Sent For Blood's first gig was at The Cockpit in Leeds, supporting Bleed From Within, The Safety Fire and Rise To Remain in September 2011. 

Jake, Twig and Jack were in a band called Theonin, formed in September 2010. Theonin played a few gigs in Leeds and Manchester and recorded a demo, but in mid 2011, the chemistry went and Theonin were no longer moving forward.

Jake left Theonin, followed by Twig and Jack, and spent about a month in his bedroom writing and recording riffs and songs when he was pissed off. He then formed the band Sent For Blood with Twig and Jack, later adding Luke to the band after auditioning him. Luke gave us a solo performance of the song St Anger by Metallica and the other guys knew he was right for the part.

Luke immediately began throwing out ideas, adding his own flavour into the music and writing some of the most kick fucking ass lyrics we've seen. He added them and his awesome vocal melodies to the songs Jake wrote with Twig over the previous month and completed the pack, with addition of Dave Massey who was recruited to play bass guitar. A couple of months later, Jack lost interest in the band and was too pussy whipped to continue, so he left, which gave Dave the opportunity to step up and play guitar along side Jake. Auditions were then held for a new bassist, where Luke Oates gained his position as the new bass player. 

See you guys on the road!
-Sent For Blood.