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United Kingdom


The band was formed on January The 5th 2013 by guitarist James Barry under the name "PRIMAL INSTINCT". The first few months were slow in terms of gathering members until the band had a complete line up by March 2013 due to the arrival of Bassist Ted Bundy, Guitarist Tyson Bastick , Drummer Pablo Leone, Synth/Keys Player Chris "Grouchy " Gray And Lead Vocalist David Payne.

A short time later Gray left the band due to personal reasons / issues and would later return to the band in the early stages of 2014. The band suffered another loss when Payne left the band due to distance and commuting issues which left the band with out a vocalist until the band signed on Jake "BK" Kindeleit in April of 2013.

The band started off being based in Reading.

PRIMAL INSTINCT then began writing their first EP which consisted of 4 tracks and an intro however out of the 4 tracks written for the EP the only 2 that made it were "Stop The Bleeding" & "Clear The Shores" , the other two songs "I Know What You Did Last Night" & "Asylum" were thrown out.

The band played its debut show in Reading on June the 26th 2013 before going into recording and finishing the EP. However the band suffered another loss again when Lead Vocalist Jake "BK" Kindeleit departed from the band before the EP was fully complete.

With PRIMAL INSTINCT yet again without a vocalist, the band made a BIG CHANGE.

After the departure of Kindeleit the band moved over from reading to Newbury, And changed their name to SINCERELY , YOURS. With the big change came a new home town, a new studio, a new musical style and of course a new name.

So now being called SINCERELY , YOURS the band remained a 4 piece with only Barry, Bundy, Bastick and Leone remaining until April 2014 when Synth/Keys Player Chris "Grouchy" Gray rejoined the band too make a 5 piece.

But still without a vocalist SINCERELY , YOURS Changed its musical style completely experimenting with much more challenging riffs , different time signatures such as 4/4 , 3/4 AND 6/8 making the bands music much more unique, individual and unusual.

The band went back into recording as their hit song "It All Goes Down In Shanty Town" was written by Barry and adapted by the rest of the band members, more songs just came and came until the band had enough songs too release their EP and have a few singles.

June 2014 the band was finally complete again as Lead Vocalist Stephen Dongray joined the band finally completing the line-up.

As of now the EP is back in production and should be released in late 2014