Year Formed


When you combine heart filled passion and a high level work ethic, only one thing can be produced, a group of lads who take things by the throat and deliver sheer quality. Meet Birmingham's hottest new prospect, Sirens.

United in 2012, Sirens have covered vast ground at a rate like no other, releasing a debut EP for free download, enticing fans to get involved, become part of the jounrey and discover something new. Creating a viral buzz across the web and live circuit, the six piece wasted no time in hitting the stage to take the new record to the stage. Having already supported bands such as Odessa, Continents, The Charm The Fury, Carcer City, ACODA, Broadway(USA) and a list as long as your arm up and down the UK, the unit had an excellent response leading to more recent shows opening for Bam Margera, Heights, Devil Sold His Soul, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Palm Reader, Dead Harts and While She Sleeps! 

It goes without saying that the the band's live energy and frantic stage show has turned many heads, Sirens deliver a very tight sound without fail from countless rehearsals and precision as a key element. When you watch Sirens hold the stage, you can truly believe that every drum smashed, every string hit and every word thats spoken, means more to these guys than anything and music is their religion. It is real. 

The band take influence from a wide range of various artists that are not necessarily linked to their own genre. With very open minds, the diversity of their own sound is solely down to this reason and will without a shadow of a doubt, rocket them to the top of the ones to watch pile.