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Six In Line is a thrash Metal/ "early death"/hardcore punk (basically crossover) band from Hellsingborg, Sweden. John and Adrian started an Abba metal crossover tribute project/concept/abstract/brain wave/envisage named Cunt Destroyer but as soon as Kaptain Nuke proved to them that he could play Slayer's Blood Red on bass Cunt Destroyer was put on hold and the three started jamming on Adrian's riffs.

Suddenly this Jonathan dude played some Slayer on guitar when Adrian walked by while wearing his fake glasses making him look like some kind of Buddy Holly wannabe and he immediately knew that he had found his guitar match. Now this guitar guru that Adrian found turned out to know the whereabouts of a mystic shamal known as Irish the Bassmaster aka Frownz Klownz aka Mattias Matthew McCarron Larsulrichson! John decided to leave "due to personal differences" so we asked two drummers.

Our first choice backed down and Hampuss Hansson built a camp behind the drumkit! Kaptain Nuke lost his place as bassist and concentrated on "throat" (like all hardcore emo bands like to call it) and Matthew joined the band turning the trio into a... Five-o.