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Founded in the 2nd half of 2012. It all began after a chat in a pub following an advert on Gumtree and good old 

Members of previous local band who strangely enough never actually got to share the same stage got together after Chris and Paul (VOX and DRUMMER) starting looking around for a project. After a couple of posts and an ad Nath (Guitarist) got in contact and also said his mate (Pete) would probably be up for it too, and just before the first Jam Andy (Bassist) came on board too.

The first Jam (BOOM) 3 Songs nailed....... watch out Plymouth/the world ;-) although the band is young we have already had some fantastic gigs, great feedback, shared the stage with some awesome bands such as the Mighty BEHOLDER, MAD HATTER 2.0, XENOSIS, CAMBION, Many more, and even MAVERICK SABRE ( happened lol) plus recorded an EP..... m/

We have been lucky enough also to get some great Airplay on TBFM Radio (the UK's top Unsigned radio show and are part of their regular playlist).  This in addition to other radio broadcasts too.

Following the release of our video for In(de)structions our Youtube plays have gone to over 2k

Unfortunately due to other commitments our original guitarist Nath has had to step down from the band, however we are glad to welcome our newest member Colin to step up and join us Sinners, long running friend of our drummer who has been there on the side lines from the start and after only one jam we knew that if felt right.

We are currently working on material for debut album as our sound is progressing this is getting ever so more exciting.

Our plans for gigging remain the same, Gig more, Gig further, meet loads of new bands, get that fanbase growing m/ 

We hope to see you on the road, this is gonna be a lot of fun Sinners