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Year Formed
Baltimore, MD


Sixty Watt Shaman plays a diverse repertoire of hard hitting groove rock and ethereal psychedelic jams. The band's influences vary from classic tube tones to heavy blues, southern groove, doom, and even the ghostly spirit of historic Americana and Appalachian bluegrass. With emotive impact as a center point in every song, from fully-amped hard hitters to the celestial space of acoustic tones, Sixty Watt Shaman are Masters of All Things Heavy. 

With diverse musical influences and backgrounds -- from Punk, Hardcore, and Thrash Metal... to the distorted, fuzzed out, heavy and innovative bands of the 7o's... to dark experimental sludge, crust and noise... to the melodic tones of The Beatles, the infectious groove of Black Sabbath, and a devotion to Hendrix inspired blues guitar... bluegrass to outlaw country... to the savory hooks of American southern rock -- Sixty Watt Shaman have become a true amalgamation and produced a uniquely undeniable Sixty Watt Sound. 

Sixty Watt Shaman make their sacrifices at the alter of the musical gods and stand-up to create their own untouchable brew of creativity and power. The new line-up brings back the passion for the music that the band created through blood, sweat and tears, and breathes new life into the Shaman who continue to defy and erase categorical definitions and make their own brand of bad ass American rock and roll.