Year Formed
Austin, TX


Located in Austin, Texas, Škan was conceived in 2011. 

Transcending the rigid boundaries of established metal genres, their music creates an esoteric atmosphere that lays bare the nature of death and illumination in all its destructive glory. Škan's aggressive and haunting forces embrace the blackest of eternal flames and seek to unchain the very bonds of existence. 

Škan released their first EP "The Old King" in November 2013 which quickly gained them a loyal following and praise from many supporters across the world who appreciated their uncompromising sound and vision. Featuring in many online press reviews the EP was well received with standout tracks like 'The Eye" leading to them being nominated by Metal Underground as "Best Newcomer " for 2013. In the months that followed they unleashed their ritualistic live shows alongside international acts like Voivod, Danzig, and Portal, and 2014 saw them performing an intense main stage show at Phil Anselmo's Housecore Horror Film Festival. 

Metal Titans website said 'Škan places strength on primal vitality, natural power, and the unfoldment of will. ' and you can be sure that Škan are going to soar to great heights upon their chosen path.

'……buzzing guitar pedals and hefty, down-tuned breakdowns find a bridge to Hades through eerily plucked high notes in the vein of Mayhem and Satyricon. ' Metal Underground

'……packed with a Venom-esque Thrash/Black Metal aura that permeates through the speakers and envelopes you in a pummelling assault. ' Lone Star Metal