Year Formed
San Vicente de Tagua Tagua


Slaughtbbath was formed in mid 2002 by SkullShredder (guitar) and SelfDesecrator (vocals) in San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, being one of the first real Black/Death Metal bands within the regional scene.
By the next year some rehearsals were recorded with a complete line up with C.M. Butcher in bass and Apolyun in drums. Nevertheless, those recordings where not edited until a year later, when Shredder and Desecrator became a duo once more due to the lack of interest of the last 2 members. Thus by mid 2004 a primitive homemade rehearsal recording is released, simply entitled 'Rehearsal 2003', of which about 30 copies where spread.
During a new search for members, Negro arrives to the band in early 2005, remaining as the drummer till nowadays. Briefly Slaughtbbath started to sporadically play live with a session bass player. In July of the same year the first official demo was recorded in a studio in Santiago, entitled 'The Unholy Wrath of the Sacrilegious Reprisal'.
In the year 2006 Slaughtbbath records a new rehearsal called 'Raising the Chalice of Blasphemy', released again as a tape with a very low distribution. At the same time, some of the tracks of the same recording session were used as part of a split tape with Et Verbi Sathanus.
In early 2007 the new demo 'Pest of Execration' was recorded, released in tape by the end of the same year. The same recording was re-released in early 2008 as a Split with Unholy Temple. Almost at the same time a new demo rehearsal is recorded which was released in tape and as a Split CD with Demonic Rage, entitled 'Furious as the Black Flames of Hell'. By the time, SelfDesecrator takes charge of the bass duties. In the end of the same year ('08) the EP 'Total Warlust' was recorded, released as a 7' in mid 2010. At the same time the band releases a split tape with Vultur.
By the end of the year 2011, Slaughtbbath records the first full length entitled 'Hail to Fire', released both in CD and vinyl. In 2013 the band records "Antichristos Thanatos", an EP released in mid 2014 as a split LP/CD with the chilean band Hades Archer. 

Official Discography:
-Rehearsal 2003 Demo 2004
-The Unholy Wrath of the Sacrilegious Reprisal Demo 2005
-Raising the Chalice of Blasphemy Demo 2006
-Split with Et Verbi Sathanus 2006
-Pest of Execration Demo 2007
-Blood for the Devil Split with Unholy Temple 2008
-Furious as the Black Flames of Hell Demo 2008
-Furious as the Black Flames of Hell / The Anguish's Doomaelstrom Split with Demonic Rage 2008
-Total Warlust 7"EP 2010
-Slaughtbbath / Vultur Split 2010
-Hail to Fire Promo 2012
-Hail to Fire Full-length 2013
-Circus of Abominations/Antichristos Thanatos - Split with Hades Archer 2014
-The Black Celebration/The Sands of Despair - Split 7" EP with Kill
-Bestial Descension - Promo 2015