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Spartan Warrior were formed in 1980 from the ashes of Wearside Rock Band 'Deceiver'.

Founding members Gordon Webster (Drums) Tom Spencer (Bass) and Dave Wilkinson (Vocals) were joined by guitarists Neil Wilkinson and John Stormont for what was to be the first true Spartan Warrior line up.

The band recorded two songs (Easy Prey and Steel n Chains ) on the Guardian Label which were featured in 1983 on the 'Pure Overkill' compilation album.

These recordings became the cornerstone for the subsequent release of the band's first album 'Steel n Chains' which was released on the Guardian Label that same year.

By the time the band came to record Steel n Chains John Stormont took up position as guitarist with The Jess Cox Band and went on to join Battleaxe.

With his departure the band recruited Paul Swaddle and it was he who formed Spartan Warrior's guitar partnership for the recording of the remainder of Steel n Chains.

In 1984 the band signed to Roadrunner and with it's line up unchanged recorded it's second album.

Shortly after it's release Dave Wilkinson quit the band and was replaced for a short time by a local vocalist by the name of Steve Taylor.
Following the departure of Paul Swaddle later that year the remaining band members went their separate ways.

In 2010 following a reunion of four original members Gordon Webster, Tom Spencer, Dave Wilkinson and Neil Wilkinson the band released it's third album 'Behind Closed Eyes' on the Iron Age label and having recruited ex Saracen guitarist Mark Chappel played their first live shows for almost 25 years including Hard Rock Hell Festival in Wales and Headbangers Open Air Festival in Germany.

In August 2011 following the departure of Gordon Webster and Tom Spencer the remaining band members recruited drummer James Charlton (of Risen Prophecy) and on bass Dan Rochester (of Dawn of Chaos.)

And so begins the next chapter.....Are you ready to rock !