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Back in 2011, three boys set their minds on joining the new wave of sleaze rock and glam metal. Just a couple of months later, Spyder Byte were formed. Starting out with Nathan (bass/vox), Connor (drums) and C.C (guitar), the band begun writing songs, influenced by the stylings of Motley Crue, Poison, Cinderella etc. and adding their own heavier, punky twist. After building up a small repetoir of songs, Spyder Byte searched for a permanent singer. The singer found was Dan Lawrence, formerly a member of the band Road Kill.
After lots of rehearsing and polishing up on songs, the band decided it was time to add a second guitarist into the band. The search for a guitarist did not take long, after Dan suggested David Symonds. David joined in with a rehearsal to see how he would get on and, later that night, he was made an official member of Spyder Byte.
Spyder Byte were now a five piece band. After a successful first gig in Gillingham, supporting Burn In Paris, the future of Spyder Byte looked hopeful and the gigs started rolling in.
Two years later, the band have played iconic venues around Kent, played to regular large crowds, recorded a demo CD and an official three-track E.P., all without a single member change. The band has gained a lot of recognition from both the public and the media and is recognised for the sound and image, as well as being a nice, fun group of guys to hang around with at shows.

We'd love to see you at some shows in the future.

Here's to two more years.