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It's hard enough describing a band at the best of times, but Star Scream do an excellent job of making the task doubly hard. If you try to picture the bastard offspring of Marilyn Manson starring in Rob Zombie epic, directed by Tim Burton and scored with a combination of Little Shop of Horrors, Muse and the Manic Street Preachers, you still won't be half way towards understanding what Star Scream will do to your ears. But you should have an idea of just how intense, exciting and unrelentingly heroic it's going to be.

The band have toured with glam legends such as Queen Adreena & Rachel Stamp. They were hand selected by Casey Chaos to accompany musical giants Amen, not once, but twice and in 2006 bested over 700 competitors to play the 10,000 capacity TMF festival. Meanwhile, backed by glowing press reviews, the band's début EP, 'Liquid & Pain' and Single 'Bedroom Eyes' both sold out.


Star Scream's first album, 'Sexploitation', is, after years of anticipation, finally ready for release, thanks to the hard work of the band and input from none other than Jon Astley, who's touch has graced the work of bands from Ash, to Eric Clapton and Tears for Fears, to The Who.


It goes without saying that one hell of a lot of musical ability has been compressed into this audio singularity. You've never heard anything like it before, and you'll damn sure want to hear more afterwards.


Adam Lightspeed - All Music & Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Piano

Aoife - Bass

Dom Jenova - Drums