Year Formed
Newcastle upon Tyne


The true roots of Starborn are relatively gnarled and tangled. The longest of these roots stretch far into the past, with members having worked together on various musical projects, which would eventually lead to the true birth of Starborn. 2012 is the year plans were truly set into motion, the supposed end of world, yet the true beginning of ours. 

Forged within a climate nigh on dominated by the extremes of heavy metal, Starborn seek to bring forth a sound melodious and infectious, honouring the true, and tested values of both the European and US power metal styles, as well as honouring that of our local environment. The tumultuous energy and atmosphere from the cold, ravaged streets of England bleeds through into the music; dragons? There haven't been dragons in England for a long time. A widespread love between the band for the eighties greats has set Starborn on a slow-burning, treacherous path, with a conscious effort to chronicle our musical journey from its earliest steps. With the debut EP 'Born By The Wind' Starborn presents itself – warts and all – in pure, unadulterated fashion. You, the listener, can expect jagged guitar riffs, rumbling rhythms, searing melodies and bitterly impassioned vocals. Starborn seeks to take power metal down to the streets, and soon all will bear witness to intense live renditions of not only the EP songs, but selections from an increasing backlog of cutting edge power metal. 

From a whisper to a roar Starborn will make its present felt, both vengeful and forgiving; but amongst all proud. This is the beginning, Starborn will never bow to the unspoken word; we have arrived!

For fans of Fates Warning, Blind Guardian, Iron Maiden, and Falconer.