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With one of the most cult followings in death metal today, Australia's STARGAZER, alongside their comrades in PORTAL, are seen as one of the most unique and bizarre bands in death metal today. 

With themes steeped in occult lore, STARGAZER's brand of death metal leans more towards the technical and progressive side of the genre, following in the footsteps paved by such forefathers of the genre such as ATHIEST, SADUS, CYNIC, and PESTILENCE while meshing the progressive edge of classic thrash metal ala CORONER and VOIVOD and the black-thrash idiosyncrasies of bands such as ABSU. The two main members of STARGAZER (The Serpent Inquisitor and The Great Righteous Destroyer) have also been involved with some of Australia's top underground extreme metal bands likewise, namely MOURNFUL CONGREGATION and CAULDON BLACK RAM respectively.

STARGAZER began initially in the mid-'90s, with a collection of demos, splits, best-of compilations and EP's, yet this new album, 'A Great Work Of Ages' is only their second full-length release to date and their first album in five years following their highly acclaimed 'The Scream That Tore The Sky' debut. Even though 'A Great Work Of Ages' is STARGAZER's second full-length album, the band have conjured a reputable cult following, pretty much death/extreme metal fans who are looking to indulge in bands that like to push the envelope even further within the genre. Hence that's why STARGAZER's following mirrors PORTAL's following; even though both bands are of a wholly different sound and entity, both bands are two bands within death metal that are really tearing the boundaries on what such a genre has to offer and destroying all limitations and conceived perceptions on the death metal genre as a whole

Nonetheless 'A Great Work Of Ages' will go down as a monument to the innovation and creativity of death metal through its intricate musical craftsmanship and profound lyrics and themes, and inevitably be seen as one of the most creative and unique death metal albums of the year. 

Stargazer are:
The Serpent Inquisitor (Guitars/Vocals)
The Great Righteous Destroyer (Bass/Vocals)
Selenium (Drums)