Year Formed



Sterbhaus is a four-piece thrash/death combo of Stockholm that since the start in 2007 has proved well that quality and a neatly weighed dose of humor can blend in perfect symbiosis.

Well… That's the short version.

Having completely revitalized itself Sterbhaus now boasts humor with sarcastic tounge-in-cheek wit and with something to actually say instead of the previous basic nonsense. As a quartet – with Marcus Hammarström now also on lead vocals, Sterbhaus recorded 'Angels for Breakfast …And God for Lunch' during five weeks in Abyss studios (Tommy Tägtgren). The album is mixed and mastered by Jonas Kjellgren of Black Lounge and the cover is done by Gyula Havancák. This newly released effort (out: 24th of August 2012) not only shows a band of several notches higher up in the quality bracket, but has also proven itself a potent injection not looking to reinvent the wheel but rather approach metal with straight-to-the-point honesty. The Metal press already agrees with top reviews of 8/10 (Sweden Rock Magazine), 9/10 (, 10/10 (, 9/10 ( to count a very, very few.

So… yes! Although Sterbhaus does not succumb to anything pretentious there is indeed an agenda aside the humor. As the ever growing popularity of metal unfortunately comes with the downside of pure infection or watered out potency – today is as good as any day to take to arms. No mere bickering or pointless backstabbing. You either know your Metal or You don't. The past has offered Grunge, Nu-Metal, Hair bands and what-not. The present provide sensationalistic covergirls/pop-vocalists backed up by an array of various douchebags and a Metal-core scene of pretty-boy haircuts and fashion ridden body art without the slightest idea of the essence that Metal is. Half the shows You catch on festivals etc is 50% playback and the energy and burning conviction of what this kind of extreme music represents disappears out the window or is just completely misunderstood.

Sterbhaus has already begun this crusade thru a more qualitative live schedule including tours of Chile, summer festival tours (2012 at Rock Harz festival with AMON AMARTH, BLIND GUARDIAN etc and Metal Splash with ENGEL, SODOM etc among other shows). 2013 has Sterbhaus hitting Europe in support of Vader and Melechesh as well as Extremefest (BEHEMOTH, KATAKLYSM etc). Live is where Sterbhaus is at its' best.

Sterbhaus is about genuine positive energy and honesty. The band is to be described as the evolutionary represantation of the four timeless cornerstones – Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Death Metal and Black Metal. A snapshot – if You will, of where things are at the moment without being 'modern' or 'old-school'. What you see is what you get, and what you get is a bloody good ride. No fancy gimmicks or cheap shots at nothing for the sake of creating sensations or promoting idiocy… Well, 'idiocy' is somewhat of an important part of the band but more in the sence of being able to smirk at either oneselves or at the surroundings and the time and place we're living in. This is a cleansing – A much need so.

Pull up a chair, have a drink …and join this crusade!