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Suicidal Causticity born under the name 'Orodreth' in the autumn 2007, founded by Dario Lastrucci (drums) and Riccardo Caini (vocals) in few weeks the line-up has been completed by the association of Riccardo Tortoli, Fabrizio Maddaluni (guitars) and Mauro Guerrini (basso). The initial proposal was a mix of old school and melodic Death Metal; the band in few months started its live career and recorded its first live-in-studio demo during winter 07/08.
In 2009 the bass player Mauro Guerrini split up, friendly, from the band and Dario decided to change his role inside the band becoming the bassist once founded the new drummer: Thomas Passanisi.
With this new line-up Orodreth decided to record their first full-lenght but, due to a lot of technical and personal difficulties, this album has been never finished and gave the band a period of somberness and improductivity lasted for more than one year that brought the historical singer Riccardo Caini to split from the band.
The important substitution of the singer didn't last too long, in some days Nikolas 'Gorgo' Bruni join the band. With this new line-up the band decided to break up with the past and start a new path towards a heavier and more brutal sound, on the style of bands such Nile, Vader, Suffocation etc. and also changed the name into the actual Suicidal Causticity.
The band started immediately to write new songs and enter the recording studio during summer 2012, the first full lenght is terminated in february 2013 and has been released by Ghastly Music Records on May 2013.
Meanwhile the band continues its live activities and has shared the stage with bands like Grave, Sonne Adam, Trifixion, Unbirth, Freund Hein, Logic Of Denial, Traumagain and many more...