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Syron Vanes was formed 1980 in Malmoe in the south of Sweden, The core of the band was guitarist Anders Hahne and drummer Staffan Lindstedt. Together with early members Ola Pettersson on guitar and Anders Lind on bass they began their journey.

The band rehearsed and played numerous concerts that led to their first studio recording 1982 as part of a compilation album. It was on an compilation album with different rock bands from the southern Sweden called Skånsk rock. The song was Violation and not very confident who was going to take on the vocal duties, Staffan entered the vocal mic, which he did very well!

1982 Anders Lind and Ola Pettersson left the band which in turn led to the decision to get new members. First of were Rimbert Vahlstroem on guitar. The band also felt that they needed a singer who could front the band The new vocalist were Jarmo K.

Erik Briselius from the band High Level was asked to join on bass and with him Ola Nilzzon, who was the manager for the band High Level also joined the camp. After playing several shows Jarmo left the band early 1983. He was replaced by Ola Svedin that stayed for a while. 1983 Erik and Rimbert shared vocal duties and hit the road to Germany for a couple of shows. Syron Vanes became immensely popular among heavy metal fans in Europe. Back in Sweden they went to the studio for a demo recording. Ola Nilzzon sent the demo to Darryl Johnston who was the president of Ebony Records. A month later a contract was signed with Ebony Records. The band always felt it was important to have a lead singer so they decided that Erik should take the job and leave the bass. Arne Sandved was the new bass player.

Hitting of to England early 1984 to record their first album Bringer of evil. Bringer of evil was to become a great selling album reaching 100.000 sales and still selling today. The fans took the album to their hearts.