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It has often been observed that the greatest artists often go unappreciated in their own lifetime. We are ardent believers that we will remain unappreciated long after we shuffle from this mortal coil! Seven years under our belt, 3 cd's, many gigs, an endless stream of bass players and (we like to think) some awesome music later, we remain defiant in our desire to write and play our own unique brand of ale fueled rock wherever we can. Our latest cd, "Ziggurat of the Walrus" is the latest evolution of our sound - from the raw anger of "We've suffered for our art...now it's your turn", through the melancholic tones of "Beyond the Boundary of the Familiar", "Ziggurat of the Walrus" is blusier, funkier and perhaps catchier than any of its predecessors. Nevertheless, Dale still drums like he has metal shod hooves instead of drum sticks, Andy still refuses to stop soloing until way past the point of decency, whilst the ever reliable Roger the bass player holds things together at the low end.
We're still going, we're still refusing to be anything but ourselves and we still love doing this. Hope to see you at a gig soon,
Cheers, TDL