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Ten Tonne Dozer


Year Formed
Shetland Islands
United Kingdom


"Part Pantera, part Black Label, part System of a Down - and with great solos" -- Metal Hammer magazine.

Joint-winner of the 2012 Fudge Award "Best International Act"
Winner of the 2012 Scottish Alternative Music Awards "Best Metal" category.

Formed in 2005, Ten Tonne Dozer are a powerful 5 member heavy rock unit who are based on the remote Shetland Islands, making the band Britain's most northern heavy rock band. The band's members' geographical origins and tastes in music are extensive and varied, this is shown with great passion and skill through their high-octane original music. Ten Tonne Dozer have played numerous gigs dozering their way throughout UK and Europe, with their live shows having been described as 'an overwhelming intense barrage of sound and visual exhibition'. What an awe inspiring mix of blood, sweat, broken strings, and sheep skulls. It paves the way for the beginning of an epic journey throughout the ages of dishevelled dirt mongering slovenly metal and downright filthy rock in Shetland.

The age of dozering has arrived!

Stand aside or bear a child, the Ten Tonne Dozer has begun to roll.......