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The Crimson Brigade was born from the dark depraved depths of Blut Kommendant Anubis Dracul's (Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards & Programming) sub conscious, telling stories of untold stories of the Blood Battalion formed at the beginning of the Napoleonic wars in 1803.
A fierce army of blood lusting Vampyres who have been behind every war and conflict in human history, these Vampyres who use war to cover their feeding frenzy fight for no man but allied to both sides.
With Vampyres behind the scenes in high office orchestrating wars, allowing sides to win certain battles as part of their elaborate plan which has led to battles in history being won by unbelievable odds but the true secret , the deployment of The Crimson Brigade.
This is just part of the concept behind the bands music lyrics and image, formed in 2013 and near the end of that year to the ranks were added Luutnantti Erik Toieikas (Bass) and at the begining of 2014 the addition of Marshal Vladamir Nikoli Vatutin (guitar) started work on a debut album entitled 'the Blood Battalion' this sees the band delve in the Battalions involvement in ww1 and ww2.
Work on the album will be finish end of may 2014 and the band plan to start to take its infernal noise to the masses and swell the ranks.
Stand firm Vampyric storm troopers for we go to war to feast!!!