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The Fierce & The Dead came about from a recording experiment that was initially intended for Matt's second solo album, but it started to grow legs and arms and evolved into its own animal. They just feed it now and then and it spits noise back out. The music is based on loose compositions and structures and is improvised from there on in.

Their first EP 'Part 1' (one 19 minute long song) came out in 2010 to unexpected critical acclaim. They released their full length debut 'If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecambe' in May 2011, it features 10 tracks and guest saxophone performance from Terry Edwards. It is dedicated to the memory of close friend Dan Wilson who passed away during the recording of the album. Live performances will follow later in 2011. 

Matt, Kev and Stuart have played together on and off in various guises for over 10 years as well as performing with other bands and as solo artists.

Matt Stevens currently has a successful career as a solo guitarist utilising live looping technology to create as big a noise as he can using as few instruments as possible. His critically acclaimed second solo album Ghost is available now with his third to follow later in 2011.

Kev Feazey has worked as an audio engineer, producer and musician for several years now. He has worked with artists ranging from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to Lydia Lunch and The Duke Spirit. He is currently also playing bass for The Murder Barn.

Stuart Marshall is a busy drummer performing in many projects from surf rock movers The Manta Wrays to his latest band The Watford Sunsets. He learnt his trade in hardcore bands such as Dereks Experiment and Freebase.