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After suffering a near-fatal seizure, visionary performer Trash McSweeney now sees colour in his music and has set out to share with the world all the ideas about what he has seen and felt. By taking to his guitar, piano and notebook, The Red Paintings were officially born upon the dawn of the new millennium.

Based in Australia and Los Angeles – and having been fortunate enough to already tour much of the globe – The Red Paintings are a five-piece group (guitar, bass, drums, cello & violin) who incorporate additional orchestral, choral and performance art features wherever possible. With costumes, themes, painters and other artists their shows combine sound and visuals to create a living canvas that stimulates the senses and minds of the audience. A true and unique art experience. The Red Paintings' sound evokes everything from child-like lullabies of the future, to tearing, biting, alternative-rock numbers. They are sometimes compared to multi-faceted acts like Radiohead, Muse, and The Arcade Fire, and their appeal reaches baroque-pop steam-punks, metal-heads, indie-rock fanatics, and beyond.

After five years in the making and 8 world class studios throughout the globe 
"The Revolution Is Never Coming'' has finally had its final mix in Los Angeles, this truly is a record of epic proportions. Sharing desires shaped from a passionate world view, The Revolution Is Never Coming is what Trash hopes will be the tipping point for the band's career. With their diverse history and cult following, the band has stepped into 2013/14 with an arsenal of music, a highly-praised innovative live performance, and die-hard fans (who Trash says are "the best on the planet"). It truly looks as though the future is now for the band. 

It comes as no surprise that they have been handpicked as support for Scottish post-rockers Mogwai, The Dresden Dolls - self proclaimed 'punk cabaret', American poet and mastermind Saul Williams, and popular punk group Mindless Self Indulgence. Recently scoring support spots in the US for The Posies, Atari Teenage Riot and MSI. The Band has also played major music festivals including Big Day Out, Livid, and The Great Escape, where they shared the stage with bands such as The White Strips, Sigur Rós, The polyphonic Spree, the Battles, and Soundgarden. 

The live show features visual content which includes unique projections along with human body and canvas painters who join the band on stage collaborating in real time to create artworks that reflect the band's music and energy. Artists are sourced with the aim of finding struggling but talented painters and providing them with a new platform to showcase their work.