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The Sceptic

The Death metal band The Sceptic began in 2002 in the city of Caxias do Sul - Brazil, with the following musicians and their functions: Lander (guitar, vocals, lyrics), Mauricio Correa (guitar, lyrics) Marcelo Nunez (Bass) and Rafael Froner (drums), in order to compose music genre Death Metal proposal which remained throughout it´s history, The Sceptic, (Sceptic) initially and until 2004 when there was a change of name goes through exchanges of drummers, which were part of the band following the departure of Rafael Froner, Lord João and Roberto Cecatto, to option for the recording of their first studio album without drummer and programmed drums and replaced by natural drum sound for lack of choice and better quality of the first job, after the good response and also criticism of the CD "Psychopatological" (2005) which featured five tracks basically describing diseases and mental illnesses which humans are affected, joins the band Black Metal drummer Marcos Conte, who remains in the band until 2006, entering the current band drummer Cipriano Maffei (Ex Abbominattion and Fear Ritual), and in 2007 Mauricio Correa left the band for personal reasons, The Sceptic becomes a trio and remains so to this day, in 2012 it launched the first Full Lenght of the band entitled "Chaotic" lyrically inspired the documentary "The Zeitgeist", this work was produced by Lander, mixed and Mastered by Fabiano Penna (Rebaelliun, The Orther ) which has produced important national and international bands, the album was released in a concert with the great death metal band Krisiun in Caxias do Sul and in the traditional Storm festival in São Leopoldo-RS-Brazil, in 2014 The Sceptic sets out on his first international tour performing four concerts in Argentina, being very well received in the cities of Bariloche, Buenos Aires and Rosario, and at the end of that year, three important concerts happened in Caxias do Sul, one of them again with Krisiun and Torture Squad.

In September of 2015 the band released a videoclip for the song Evolutionary Phenomenom from the album Chaotic and in 2016 was released a demo with 3 new songs for further new album recording with a repertoire of different influences on the previous work of the band, where elements of Brazilian music take shape merged with the traditional Death Metal of The Sceptic.

Currently the main goal is the professionalization of the band, as all the musicians are living in London- UK to prepare themselves for this goal, making contacts in Europe and all the possible places, showing it´s work to all interested Metal public.