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Call it restlessness, call it fear, call it being out of step or call it being stubborn; This Routine is Hell has been the medium through which these, what some would call "defects" have been ruthlessly transformed into an uncompromising "NO". 

Existing somewhere between today's obsolete definitions of hardcore and punk, it's hard to tell exactly what we are; but more important to us is why we're here. Where self-doubt has laid us to rest, creativity must awaken us. Where sadness only saddens more, the power of will and love must empower us. It's this path to transformation which has guided the four of us to cross borders and oceans onto uncommon ground.

The new album "Howl" is the next step into that same unfamiliar territory. We were on the verge of giving up when finally deciding to either go for it completely or simply put it all to rest. A big leap across the Atlantic was taken and we recorded our second full length at Godcity Studios with Kurt Ballou in Salem, MA in the summer of 2012.

Howl is exactly about that. Written with the basic idea that we simply refuse to let ourselves be governed by our fears and our doubts. But perhaps it's even more strongly against 'their' view on what it means to grow up (set in stone) and 'their' inability to actively shape their lives which has its virulent and devastating effects on all of us. It's about disassembling the society with the little tools we have, and rebuilding them with the ones we create.

Some people write biographies. This is rather a statement.