Year Formed


Turbocharged started out in March 2000 in the aftermath of other bands fading out and/or going into hibernation, pretty much as a drunken idea gone loud basically.
During the 14+ years (in writing moment) the band has had many strange constellations which has both pushed the band forwards as well as held it back due to lack of interest or insight in what it's like to be in a struggling band. There was some unofficial demos recorded during that time but nothing really made it into the public eye so there is no reason to backtrack the band before 2008 when we again became a trio. 
Problem upon problem resulted in only the core remaining in the band which of course is the lineup you can see today:
Ronnie Ripper (Bass & Lead throat), Old Nick (Guitar) and Freddie Fister (Drums & Throat)
In 2008 when 'the last rat left the ship' we decided to no longer look for a second guitarist and just salvage what could be played without double harmonies of the current track-library and it ended up in the CD-R demo 'Branded Forever' which was released in 200 copies (if my memory doesn't fail me right now) and which is long gone as you read this.
Except for the odd local gig nothing much happened until almost a year later when we were approached by the head of THUNDERS OVER MIRIQUIDI in Elterlein, Germany who wanted to book us for our first gig abroad and we of course accepted. For that occasion the band decided to record what new stuff was written since the last demo and another CD-R was produced just in time for the trip and it was entitled ARROGANTUS METALLUS. 
We played that fest in 2009 with bands like DEATH SS, TÖRR, TORMENTED, EXCRUCIATE, RAM, KAT, INTERMENT, TRIBULATION and MORBID INSULTER. The gig was obviously appreciated and with a newfound ego the band went home to new goals and struggles. 
Around this time HELLROCKER RECORDS from Poland approached the band with an offer to release the two demos as a full lengths vinyl but since we have our own studio ROADHOUSE RECORDINGS we asked if he would be interested in releasing a brand new record instead and that's where the foundation of the debut ANTIXTIAN was carved in stone.
As the vinyl was on its way (release date December 24:th 2010) we were also approached by Mexican label CHAOS RECORDS who wanted to release the album as a CD and after a brief discussion our bonds were tied for a release sometime in 2011, the exact date escapes me right now…
As the album was out we went to Stockholm to have our release party at a small club in the most famous hooker street in Sweden (yep, had to point that out) and a circle of close friends and foes showed up to make the place come alive.
We played some local gigs and started writing new material for an intended split-CD with a Mexican band but in early 2012 we decided that the material deserved a release of its own on the coolest festival known to man: METAL MAGIC FESTIVAL in Denmark.
We talked to CHAOS RECORDS and they agreed on the release but due to reasons unknown the Mini-CD CHRIST ZERO was released a month too late and almost got forgotten in the process, some copies are still at the pressing plant due to difficult customs services.
With that slight disappointment fresh behind us we got back home and started writing songs for the next full length album AREA 666.
Dead set on making a killer release we decided to rehearse and record demo versions of roughly 20 track to pick the best from and in the end we decided to choose 14 of them which can now be heard on the mentioned album.
In October 2012 ETRURIAN LEGION also booked us on a part of the release party tour for VIOLENTOR's second album ROT where we destroyed three beautiful Italian cities together with some killer acts.
The third release of the band was released on the 9:th of September 2013 
In November 2013 we were booked to burn Hamburg down at NORTHERN THRASH ATTACK 7 side by side with BONE, OBSESSÖR and VIOLENTOR, basically our whole family of bands gathered for one massive detonation.
Imagine the level of metal in that weekend and you can almost taste it!
AREA 666 came along nicely but a huge problem was that distros in Europe could hardly get a hold of it and again we could only watch a new release being shrouded in obscurity. 
However, ETRURIAN LEGION again stepped in and said 'You need to go on tour!' and what do you know, we did!
In February and March 2014 we went on our first headlining tour HORNS OVER EUROPE and we had the pleasure to wreak havoc in ITALY, CROATIA, SERBIA, BULGARIA, ROMANIA, HUNGARY and POLAND.
During this trip we met some of the coolest people alive today and they really made us feel more than welcome wherever we came!
We also made a pit stop in GERMANY with our good friend KREMATOR who also had a small label called GO FUCK YOURSELF PRODUCTIONS, just to split a massive drive into two and to have a few beers.
Now this is where it gets really good: While leaving his place we started talking about getting back home and start working on our fourth release and how to go about with it and suddenly it all stood clear to us: 'Let's ask the German dude!'.
The tour was eventually over and we got back home, we asked him and he said 'Yup', nothing more and nothing less and we had a whole new horizon. The original plan was to release only the cassette version of AREA 666 through GFYP but now we also had a deal for the vinyl that was planned since long on our old label but never made it out of its cradle.
The vinyl and the cassette came out in July 2014 at the METAL MAGIC FESTIVAL, two years after the CHRIST ZERO Mini-CD failed to do so. AWESOME!!!!!!!
This takes us basically up to date and now we are working on our fourth release that will be entitled MILITANT and released through GO FUCK YOURSELF PRODUCTIONS around April 2015.
As I write this there are some loose plans for us to go on two tours next year with some really fucking awesome bands but that's info you'll have to wait for, people…
I might have missed some vital details in here but things will be known eventually if they are important enough for the jungle telegraph, I am sure of it.

To be continued… / Ronnie, Freddie and Nick