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Total North East Grind

Twice The Trauma are a grindcore band based in the Northeast of England. The concept of the band was first realised in the winter of 2009 when the Goat, who had just left Northeast hardcore legends Keyside Strike decided he wanted to play a more brutal form of music. After struggling to find a drummer up to the task of play at the breakneck speeds required for the band, the goat decided drum programming was the way forward and set about writing a ton of 30 second long blast beat infused anthems. 

It all gets put on hold

The band is put on hold for nearly a year whilst the Goat is sent off to work in Glasgow. Although not much band work is done the Goat plays allot of guitar and drinks even more "Buck-fast"

The progression

Upon finishing his stint in Glasgow The Goat returns to his beloved land of the Northeast! At this point the Goat had a few more riffs and decided to try his hand at a few 2 to 3 minute epics! The result... a mixture of full on brutal grind tunes infused with death metal style riffage. 


Due to the fact the goat had fucked his throat screaming in previous bands and from sniffing to much toilet duck, he enlisted the vocal help of "NECROLEE" and "MIKEY THE CUNT" (the name describes everything you need to know). 

Present date
The band a currently putting the finishing touches to there first release "Armageddon Can't come Soon Enough" roughly 15 minutes of brutal grind. After which the band intend to grind as many live audiences as possible.
Unfortunately Mike decided to leave the band after the recording of the CD. All vocals will now be handled by Necrolee. The door is always open for Mike to come back though.